Air Sea Interaction

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Air Sea Interaction

Air-Sea Interaction Buoy (ASIB) group:

A group focused on small scale interfacial processes critical to understanding large scale weather and climate dynamics, as well as the scattering of electromagnetic and acoustic signals from the water’s surface.

The ASIB group conducts experiments regarding the evolution of the directional ocean wave spectrum; internal waves; air-sea interaction in tropical and extra-tropical cyclones; gas exchange dynamics in the Southern Ocean and North Atlantic; and measurements of turbulent ocean and atmospheric properties to understand radar backscatter variations. The group has an array of air-sea interaction spar (ASIS) and extreme air-sea interaction (EASI) buoys with instrumentation to acquire critical measurements.

Air-sea interaction, turbulence, boundary layers, surface gravity waves. 

The Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing

SUrge STructure Atmosphere INteraction Facility

Develop and implement research coupling oceanic and atmospheric boundary layers.