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Welcome to the Department of Ocean Sciences!

Brian Haus, Department Chair of Ocean SciencesThe Department of Ocean Sciences brings together the disciplines of Biological, Chemical and Physical Oceanography to advance our understanding of the ocean as a system and to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists. This mission has never been more critical to the future of our planet, our economy, and the health of humans and ecosystems. The threats posed by changing climate, sea-level rise and ocean acidification call for fundamental understanding of the key underlying physical, chemical, and biological processes. This understanding requires observation, analysis, and synthesis. The Ocean Sciences department uses advanced ocean observational tools for remote sensing and in situ sampling, such as satellites, radars, drifters, profiling floats and moorings, to probe the world oceans from pole to pole and from the coast to the ocean floor. It also has some of the most advanced laboratories in the world for analysis of key processes. The information gleaned from these field and laboratory studies is used to refine and drive cutting edge numerical models that enable a better understanding of the ocean-atmosphere system and improved prediction of its future states. It is fundamental to our mission to use these innovative approaches and the understanding gleaned from them to inform our educational programs at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. It is our goal to provide a unique educational experience that is only possible at the University of Miami with its combination of world-class faculty and staff in a unique sub-tropical setting alongside the Gulf Stream in a multi-cultural city at extreme risk from sea-level rise and hurricanes. We strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to succeed in their chosen post-graduate careers whether in the academic, government or business sectors.

Igor Kamenkovich
Professor and Chair of the Department of Ocean Science